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SkyBridge provides cost effective, industrial quality aircraft systems and data gathering service

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SkyBridge UAS offers high performance, autonomous, purpose built aircraft, designed by experienced aerospace professionals, which avoid the limitations of hobby based platforms and the high cost of military based products. We sell turn-key drones and training to qualified customers and services to customers who do not wish to own and operate the UAVs themselves.

SkyBridge UAS’ data service provides customized, high quality customer usable data. This is accomplished by using sophisticated, professionally designed UAVs equipped with advanced sensors and advanced analysis and display software.

Our focus is on flexibility and performance.  The aircraft, sensors and software have been designed to be to meet a wide variety of missions.

SkyBridge UAS consists of aviation professionals who have designed an aircraft and built up a service to help customers get the most out of their mission. Our team makes it easy for each user, from start to finish. The SB1 aircraft is easily customized to fit the needs of any job and can carry over 25 lbs of sensors. Contact us today.

What We Do

  • Get the most

    Our aircraft utilizes a variety of sensors to meet many different missions. With a military spec autopilot and a high quality platform, it can perform reliably to meet many different needs.

  • Worry Free

    Our flight team will take care of all your needs. A professional crew will manage everything from start to finish.

  • Endurance

    The SB1 provides a platform which can fly for over 80 hours without refueling. When carrying over 25 pounds of sensors, it can still stay aloft for days at a time. This maximizes our ability to meet many different missions.

  • Aircraft Systems

    SkyBridge offers a turn-key operation system using the SB1 platform. This includes everything necessary for running operations. The unique design of SB1 provides the flexibility to be customized for your mission.

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  • Autonomous Test Flights

    Using our new Piccolo SL autopilot, we just completed three days of autonomous test flights. It could not have gone better. We were able to fly multiple simulated missions, including fully autonomous flight from auto takeoff to auto land.

    By admin | February 20, 2017

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  • Integrated new Auto-Pilot System

    We are extremely excited about our new auto-pilot system. We will now be using Piccolo SL which is a military grade autopilot and should give us a great deal of new capabilities. We will be updating soon with the test flights we will be conducting.

    By admin | February 13, 2017

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