Pushing the Boundaries of
Small Unmanned Aircraft

SkyBridge UAS Experience and Innovation

Experience and Innovation

With decades of experience and advanced engineering capabilities, SkyBridge is pushing the boundaries of what can be accomplished with small unmanned aircraft by offering the most innovative, versatile, and fuel-efficient unmanned aircraft systems in the industry. The SkyBridge SB1 provides superior capabilities in a lightweight package, achieving the pinnacle of refined aerodynamic efficiency.

SkyBridge UAV Fleet

All of the SkyBridge aircraft are designed to be as modular as possible enabling rapid customization for specific mission needs.
SkyBridge UAS VTOL SB-1


2,450 Mile Range
Up to 45 hours of operation endurance
30 – 90 mph
35 lbs. of useful load
Vertical Take-Off and Landing
5 gal Fuel capacity
20,000 ft. MSL
SkyBridge UAS SB-1


2,450 Mile Range
Up to 53 hours of operation endurance
30 – 90 mph
52 lbs. of useful load
Catapult or Runway Launch
5 gal Fuel capacity
20,000 ft. MSL
SkyBridge UAS SB-2


2,450 Mile Range
Up to 95 hours of operation endurance
30 – 100 mph
85 lbs. of useful load
Catapult or Runway Launch
14.8 Gallon Fuel capacity
20,000 ft. MSL

Service and Solutions

SkyBridge is a registered government contractor and offers full service operations on all of our aircraft systems. In addition to full technical support, service, training, and sales, SkyBridge is also available for advanced engineering services and custom applications.
If you need UAV data collection but do not want the expense of owning and operating your own flight crew, a SkyBridge flight crew will perform all UAV services for you.
SkyBridge offers comprehensive service plans to fit you needs.
SkyBridge will train your crew on everything from mission planning, flight operations, data collection and analysis, maintenance and integration of payloads. SkyBridge training services cover all aspects of UAS operations.
SkyBridge offers a wide variety of engineering, prototyping and manufacturing services, please contact us to find out how SkyBridge can provide you an engineering solution.

Oil Pipeline

Extensive range and payload to maximize single mission capabilities.
Oil Pipeline inspection
Precision Agriculture

Precision Agriculture

Insight to optimize crop yield with environmental analysis and monitoring.

Search and Rescue

Uniquely equipped for long-endurance search and rescue missions without the need to land and re-deploy.
Search and Rescue
SkyBridge UAS Services | Border Patrol and Wildlife Management

Border Patrol & Wildlife Management

High-quality cost-effective platform with industry leading endurance and payload capabilities.

Power Line Inspection

Start-to-finish inspection plan carried through to a deliverable with immediate alerts.
Powerline Inspections by Skybridge UAS
SkyBridge UAS Services | Custom Applications

Custom Applications

Advanced engineering capabilities to provide customized operations ready for deployment.

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