About SkyBridge UAS

Our team at SkyBridge UAS designed a drone, the SB1, to meet a variety of industrial applications with a quality that exceeds our customers expectations.
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The SB1 has the capabilities of a military UAV, but without the cost. The SB1 comes as a turn key operation using military spec autopilot providing fully autonomous operation.

Skybridge has broad aerospace engineering capabilities.

High end, proven Computational Fluid Dynamics
Genetic algorithm optimizer codes for aerodynamics and airframe design
Aerodynamics design capabilities proven in many successful design projects
Proven project management for aircraft development, testing and manufacturing

Past Projects

The experienced Skybridge team has been involved in many, high end aerospace and automotive projects.
Boeing new generation Super Sonic Transport
Boeing long endurance UAV
Aerion Supersonic Business Jet design
Optimization and analysis of advanced shot gun projectile
Drag lowering add-on parts for Class 8 Tractor trailers
Low drag body design for Ford Fuel Cell Hybrid electric sedan
Low drag body design for Ford Fuel Cell Hybrid electric cargo van
Efficient, High Downforce wings and diffusers for Indy Cars and LMP Prototype cars